Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Full Calendar

The truth is, we had a pretty awesome week! It was a short week because of transfers and I had to make a quick trip to Mendoza for a meeting with President, but we made it a fun and productive week.

            The best part about San Luis is that the weather is a lot nicer than the other providences in the mission.  Our surroundings in San Luis are filled with a lot of green trees, mountains, and green grass. The weather is a lot more humid but there is always a nice wind that comes down from the mountains to cool us off.  The people in San Luis are amazing as well. I love talking to people on the street because they are so friendly and love to talk with us too.
            Perhaps the most promising investigator we have right now is Juan.  He is about 55-years old and lives alone.  Actually, Juan is a former investigator from about three years ago.  He is very receptive and told us that he has received a witness of the restored Gospel. I love teaching Juan because he keeps the lessons, as well as all of the principles we teach him, so simple. We taught him some of the commandments and standards we have in our church and he accepted every single one of them without a problem.  What’s actually kind of funny is that we’re trying to find his “need” but he accepts and understands everything we such ease that he doesn’t seem to have a “need.”  On Sunday, while he was at church with us, we tried to help Juan feel as comfortable as possible and fortunately, we had a lot of members present to help him feel accepted and loved.  Juan is on date to be baptized next Saturday so we are very excited for him!
            On Friday I had a meeting with President Panzacchi and some other missionaries to talk about our work and the goals we have as a mission.  In the Mendoza mission, the members and the work are increasing a lot. In fact, in the past month, we had more baptisms than any other month in the previous four years. So, we are excited about the progress we are making as a mission.
            Late on Saturday night we were on our way back to the pench and we had that “one more” feeling.  So, we hit up one of our street contacts and it turned out to be a small miracle.  We met up with Miguel and his son, Augustin.  They live alone and without hesitating, they let us into their home.  Basically, Miguel told us that he wants the best for his son and he feels like we can help him with this task. We explained our purpose as missionaries, then bounced to get back to our pench on time.  The next morning was Sunday and as I was sitting in Sacrament meeting, I saw them roll in to the chapel.  It was the coolest sight! Legit, we met them at 9:30 on Saturday night and then, twelve hours later, they were in the chapel with us. There are good things in store for Miguel and Augustin!
            Sunday was “Missionary Work Sunday” and each of the missionaries spoke in Sacrament meeting.  We also sang a special musical number and it was pretty awesome.  The ward as about 100 people who attend each week, so that’s pretty fun.  As well, we serve with a pair of Hermanas so that makes for a fun time when we’re together. So far, the ward has received us really well and they were quick to fill up our lunch calendar. That is most important! Ha ha!

Much love,

Elder Roderick 

Friday, November 10, 2017

Peace Out Villa Krause


Well, the big news of the week is that I got transferred again! I’m back in the San Luis Providence but I’m in the capital city instead of Villa Mercedes, where I was just a few month ago. So, it’s nice to be back in a familiar place.  My new companion is Elder Hobbs, from Idaho. He’s a chill homie and he just finished his training so he’s full of energy and has a lot of excitement for the work.  The Providence of San Luis is basically right in the middle of Argentina and it’s very lush and green.  The weather there is much cooler than in San Juan, so it should be a great place to serve during the summer months. This will definitely be a dope transfer!
Elder Hobbs & Elder Roderick in San Luis

Elder Vega and I had an awesome last week together.  We were able to get back in contact with the Ag├╝ero Family.  Martin, had been working 8am-8pm so he didn’t have much time for us, but we were able to track him down this week. We had an awesome lesson with the family, during which we talked about the temple and eternal families. The mother lost a child, when she was with another man, so when we explained about the temple and eternal families, they became very interested and their eyes opened up because it was the first time they had learned about ordinances for the dead. During the lesson, the Spirit was very present and it testified of our words.
This week we also worked a lot with Lantaro and our lessons with him and his family are always a good time. For a 10-year old, Lantaro knows a ton!  He loves to read and participate in the lessons.  When we teach him, I always think about the scripture, Moroni 8:10, that says we should humble ourselves like little children and be saved.  On Sunday, it was such a good experience to see him with all of the primary kids in the chapel!
Yesterday, my first day here in the area, we were in a member’s house, enjoying a Family Home Evening lesson with them and right as we were about to leave, a huge storm hit us.  So, we had to run back to our pench, avoiding puddles as we went.  It felt a lot like a football conditioning drill and the rain was so refreshing!
To be honest, I was a little bummed to leave Villa Krause with Elder Vega because of all the work we had going.  But, I’m pumped to be back in San Luis.  San Luis is the prettiest part of the mission and the best place to spend the summer!

Peace out,

Elder Roderick

Behold I say unto you that this thing shall ye teach—repentance and
baptism unto those who are accountable and capable of committing sin;
yea, teach parents that they must repent and be baptized, and humble themselves
 as their little children, and they shall all be saved with their little children.

Moroni 8:10

Farewell to many friends in Villa Krause

A Villa Krause tradition is that a departing
Elder gets an egg & flour bath.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

A Witness to Their Faith


Happy Halloween! There isn’t any trick-or-treating in Argentina but I’ll make sure to buy myself a Kit Kat or something tomorrow so I have the Halloween spirit.  Haha!
            We had another beautiful week here in Villa Krause.  I’ve learned that the sun hits a little harder here in San Juan than in the other cities in the mission.  The afternoons are getting pretty hot and my farmer’s tan is coming in really nice. Our week was very effective.  One of the most promising investigators we’re working with right now is Lantaro, who is the 10-year old son of a less-active family in our ward. His dad has been a member for 10 years but a while ago he moved south to work and during that time, he lost contact with the church.  Then, when he returned, he didn’t get back into the habit of attending church. So, we are trying to help the whole family break their habit of sleeping in on Sunday and instead, build the habit of coming to church. Lantaro is such a stud! Even though he’s only a 10-year old, he reads the pamphlets we give him like they’re comic books. I think that eventually the family will take a leap of faith and come back to the chapel.
            On Tuesday, we had interviews again with President Panzacchi and the two of us had another good chat. To be honest, the mission has changed a ton since the change in Presidents but it’s been good to have some changes.  President Panzacchi is really focusing on the urgency of our work by simplifying the lessons and making sure that we aren’t losing any time. President and I also talked about the faith and confidence needed to find the people who are truly waiting for us and prepared to receive our message. I’m not gonna lie, this is something that is always hard because we get rejected a lot.  But, having faith and confidence to keep working is necessary in order for us to eventually find success in our work.

             Another investigator who is progressing well is Jessica. She is a young mom, whom we found a few weeks ago. During our lesson with her this week she told us that she is cousins with a large family of members in our ward. We were so surprised to hear this news and so excited as well because her relationship with this family has provided her with a lot of knowledge about the church. She is a devoted Catholic so we are trying to help her understand the ways our church is different. Jessica has turned into one of our homies and she always making sure that we have dinner.  So, we’ll see what happens with Jessica.
            The highlight of our week was a little road trip we took to an hour south, into the Assistant’s area.  In this area, they are working to establish the church in a town called Media Agua (look it up on Google) and they are having a ton of success. We went there to give one of their investigators their baptismal interview. So, we were lucky enough to interview the first members of Media Agua. They baptized seven people in one day so it was a pretty cool experience! The people in this town think the missionaries are deity. So, that’s pretty cool too! The best part of the day was, during the interviews, I had the opportunity to listen to the new members bare their testimonies to me about the truthfulness of the gospel.  Three months ago, they had no idea the church existed and now they live in a town where twenty people go to church.  It was an awesome experience to witness their faith!


Elder Roderick demonstrates how to drink mate tea.

Elder Roderick