Saturday, March 17, 2018

Adiós San Luis & Hola San Miguel

Well, I’m not in San Luis anymore. I got transferred to Mendoza Capital.  Yeah, Baby! I’ve spent my entire mission hours and hours outside of the mission office but now I’m right in the middle of all the action. So, it’s nice to have a change. My new companion is the one and only Elder Marcum from Canton, Georgia!  He knows Big Roddy because Matthew served in his family’s ward just a few years ago. What a small world, no? My new area is called San Miguel in Las Heras, Mendoza.  It’s an awesome area and I’m pumped to be here because it will probably be my last area!
It was tough to leave San Luis and all of the wonderful people I met there, but I’ve learned that life in the mission field is full of “goodbyes.” Matias and Dalma came to the bus station to say, “bye” and it was one of the toughest “goodbyes” I’ve had. Even so, I’m so grateful to have met people who are so wonderful that it’s difficult to leave them.  I will miss everyone in San Luis but I’m excited for this final chapter in my mission.
Elder Marin and I had a nice last week together.  One afternoon, we were at lunch and the member gave us a typical meal of milanesa and mashed potatoes and as we were finishing the member asked, “Elders, Did you like the cow liver?” At first, we thought she was playing a joke on us but soon, we realized that she was dead serious. So, we ate cow liver without even realizing it.  Ha-ha! What’s worse is that on Saturday, we ate cow intestines.  So, those meals made it an interesting week.  The Argentines literally eat every part of the cow including the brains, tongue, intestines, everything!
The best part of the week was when we were reunited with one of our former investigators for the first time in two months.  We weren’t able to teach her for a long time because her daughter-in-law was very sick and she had to take care of her.  At that time, we sent the sister missionaries to teach her son and daughter-in-law but, her daughter-in-law eventually died! So, the sisters have been working with her son.  They’re just trying to help him feel better and get back on track after his wife’s death. So, the other day we taught a lesson to the mom and son with the sisters and it was such a great experience because they expressed their appreciation for what we do as missionaries and they thanked us for never letting go of them. It was pretty sweet!
I’ll load you up with more details about my new area next week! 

Elder Roderick

Friday, March 9, 2018

Excitement in the Chapel and on the Street

¡Hola Familia!                                                                                                          

We had another solid week here in San Luis.  It was another short week because I had to travel but it was good week anyway.
            I think one of the best parts of the week was on Sunday during church because we filled the whole chapel.  Down here in Argentina, summer is coming to a close which means that all of the families are returning from their summer vacations.  Their return has filled the chapel and there has been a lot of excitement on Sundays, which has made the investigators feel a lot more comfortable.  It’s kind of hard to explain how nice it is to have 100 people at church and all of the classrooms full.  Let’s just say it’s been awesome to experience!
            Lately, we’ve been teaching Juan and Sandra quite often and they’re progressing a ton in the Gospel, but not in their divorces/weddings. Ha-ha! In order to give them a little bit of motivation, we tried to set a baptismal date with them, but it didn’t work out too well.  Ha-ha! Even so, the good news is that we have a Sister in our ward who is an attorney and she is going to help us with their paperwork and all of their legal matters. Our goal is to get them in the water ASAP! This week Sandra told us that ever since we’ve been teaching her, her life has made a 180° spin for the better and she’s felt things that she’s never felt before.  Now we are teaching all of her seven kids, as well.  So, hopefully we can get at least one of them in the water soon!  Ha-ha!
            In our ward, we have a ward mission leader who loves to proselyte with us and he literally talks to everyone on the street.  It is actually quite entertaining to spend time with him.  On Saturday night, we passed by one of our investigator’s homes so we could invite them to church the next morning. We were in a hurry so we planned to chat with them on the porch but it was a bad moment because the dude was drunk and he wanted us to enter his house.  We told him we didn’t have time to stay and he just blew up on our ward mission leader.  It was actually pretty hilarious.  Then, we stopped to talk with another person and we spoke with her outside of her house as well. While we were talking, the ward mission leader decided to show her a video from the Church’s website.  Everything was going perfectly and the woman was very receptive BUT then, the mission leader wanted to show her another video, which was 20-minutes long! So, we just stood outside of this woman’s house for another 20-minutes while she watched ANOTHER video. It too, was pretty hilarious and fortunately, the woman was really nice.  But, my legs nearly fell off from standing in one place for so long! Ha-ha!
            On Friday night, ...